• I Can't Hold It Any Longer (MP4) - Jamie Daniels

The mission was to get Jamie as desperate as possible. Wearing only bra and panties, she was chained to the wood stove to prevent her visiting the bathroom, and told that she needed to hold her pee for 30 minutes. This was a lie! Jamie had been drinking steadily and continued drinking during the video, pacing herself in the belief that she only had to make it through half an hour. As the promised moment of relief came and went, Jamie started to look anxious. By thirty five minutes in, she was really getting desperate. She was dancing and squirming and rubbing her bulging abdomen, the strain of holding writ large on her face. At forty minutes, panic had really set in. Jamie began to worry that she would lose control and wet her panties, and the rug, but still no vase was forthcoming. There was no way out of this awful predicament, and she began talking about bursting, a lot. When she was literally shaking with the effort of controlling herself, the vase was finally placed within her reach. Even then she had to walk to the full extent of the chain holding her and bend down to get it. Maybe she still had a minute to spare, but she was very, very close to pissing herself by the time she got to use that previous vase. After she was done, she poured the contents into a cylinder to see just how much she had been holding.

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I Can't Hold It Any Longer (MP4) - Jamie Daniels

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