• Carissa Tries For the Record (MP4) - Carissa Montgomery

Carissa has two ambitions: one is to beat her personal record for capacity which she set in "Holding Contest 11" against Cheyenne Jewel, where she peed 1,240 ml; the other is to topple Jayne from her throne by reaching that magic 1,400 ml achieved by the latter back in 2008 in "Full Capacity". Carissa prepared for this session by hydrating before filming, but just to make sure she decided to drink three 500 ml bottle of water and 250 ml of sparkling water. She is fairly relaxed to begin with, but then the urge to pee hits her and she has the challenge of holding it in as long as possible to achieve the greatest capacity. We even turned off the fountain to avoid placing her at a disadvantage. Carissa struggled hard to make herself wait, but there comes a point when one can't hold it in any longer.

41 minutes 11 seconds

Carissa Tries For the Record (MP4) - Carissa Montgomery

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