• Measuring Amanda (MP4) - Amanda Foxx

Amanda Foxx is working with us for the first time, and is up for having her pee volume measured. Indeed, she thinks it will be fun in spite of the obvious discomfort of holding a full bladder. She stands before the camera naked, having been drinking for several hours, and she definitely needs to pee. Because it is her first time, she has no idea what the rules are, or even if there are any. She waits and chats, her body tensing periodically as waves of desperation pass over her. When she feels she needs to go, she asks if she should use the graduated cylinder now, and is asked to wait another ten minutes. She complies, and when she judges ten minutes to have passed, she asks again, only to be told that she needs to hold on for another five minutes. Not having been warned about these evil tricks, she goes along with it, becoming quieter and more fidgety as she concentrates hard on not releasing her pee. Clearly, she is getting desperate to go now. Only when she announces that pee is about to run down her leg is she given permission to go. She is in no danger of breaking the B2B record, but her long struggle to wait is very well worth the journey.

43 minutes 25 seconds

Measuring Amanda (MP4) - Amanda Foxx

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