• Cadence and Juliette Holding Contest (MP4) - Cadence Lux and Juliette March

Cadence Lux & Juliette March - Holding Contest: Cadence & Juliette
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Juliette has never done pee desperation before. In fact, she didn't really understand what it is and wondered why Cadence was encouraging her to drink so much water the night before and the morning of the shoot. Only when the contest was underway did the pieces really fall into place. Drinking water like it was going out of fashion, Juliette soon came to realize that she had placed herself at a bit of a disadvantage. Initially confident that she was going to win the $100 prize money because Cadence was squirming so desperately, the situation reversed about half way through and she found herself in a terrible situation: Her bladder was very full and the urge to pee was coming in a series of ever mounting waves. Even though there is no time limit on the contest, Juliette keeps looking at the clock, watching the minutes crawl by as she struggles not to lose control and lose to Cadence. She asks for permission to free the top button of her jeans, and later, she asks if she may under the second one. That's as far as she is permitted to go. Now she has to just deal with the incredible pressure and not wet herself before her opponent does.

Cadence and Juliette Holding Contest (MP4) - Cadence Lux and Juliette March

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