• Jasmine and Becca Holding Contest (MP4) - Jasmine St James and Becca

Jasmine & Becca Holding Contest
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The plan was simple. In order to get a shared payout of the prize money ($110 kindly donated by B2B fans), the girls had to produce a combined output of at least 2 liters, basically filling the graduated cylinder. It certainly seemed feasible, with Becca able to produce up to 1,360 millilitres and Jasmine with a record of 800 millilitres , so that reward looked like it was in the bag. As is often the way though, things didn't unfold as expected. Becca, who had suffered a bout of food poisoning just before her trip, was not performing as well as usual and totally under-performed. Disappointment all round. The prize money looked to be a goner! But there was a glimmer of hope. Dave, that kindly old gentleman, decided to give them another chance, but it meant that Jasmine was responsible for bringing the level of pee in the cylinder up to the 2-litre level. It was a big ask. Having just broken her personal record, could Jasmine possibly have enough pee left in her to achieve the necessary output and secure the prize for both of them? No pressure Jasmine! Well, there is of course, a lot of pressure on those bladders. The girls struggle for a lot of this video, trying to hold on as long as possible to achieve what started out as a fairly simple goal, and ends up being a serious challenge.

Jasmine and Becca Holding Contest (MP4) - Jasmine St James and Becca

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