• Just Out Of Reach (MP4) - Cadence Lux

Cadence Lux - Just Out Of Reach

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After the success of taking Jasmine to a very desperate place in "She Must Not Pee", it was perhaps inevitable that a similar dire situation would be arranged for Cadence. Like Jasmine, Jasmine is shackled to the wood stove, but there the similarities more or less end. Cadence is naked rather than clothed, and she is not going to receive a key to release herself at any point. What she does have is a large vase into which she can pee, or at least she could if she were able to reach it. Alas, even at full stretch on the floor, the vase is just out of Cadence's reach. And so the wait begins. In fact, Cadence's bladder was already in a pretty full state when we started; prior to this, while needing to pee, she performed a strip tease which turned into being tied to a bed for about fifteen minutes. The moment Cadence was restrained, she reported that the urge to pee had suddenly become much worse. The opening minute of this video shows her on the bed after the strip tease/bondage video is finished, waiting top be let out. She is definitely anxious to get started. Fast forward to her present situation, and things rapidly become serious. Cadence really wants to pee but she knows she cannot, so she continues waiting. The effort this takes is writ large in her features, and culminates h=in her begging for the vase to be moved within her reach. She announces that she is getting very nervous, afraid that she will lose control and pee on the carpet. She is reminded that she can't do that, which does nothing to help her continue waiting. At last, the vase is handed to her and she hurriedly grabs it; it looks like there was little time to spare. She thrust it between her legs and released more pee than we have ever seen her do before (she wondered if it might be the most she had ever done, period). Because the quantity was clearly well above her normal amount, we decided to get a graduated tube to measure it precisely.

Just Out Of Reach (MP4) - Cadence Lux

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