• The Last Possible Moment (MP4) - Becca

Becca - The Last Possible Moment
49 minutes 33 seconds - 11920x1080 pixels - bitrate 5.5 Mbps - MP4: 2,106.3 MB

Ankle shackled to the wood stove, Becca experiences the pressure of needing to pee and being unable to get to a bathroom, or even get clear of the carpeted area where she knows she is absolutely not allowed to relieve herself. In preparation, Becca consumed two cups of tea and 3.5 bottles of water, even drinking a little more of the latter on camera. Becca is not a demonstrative person (in fact, she is a little bit shy), so when she is desperate to pee she is rather embarrassed and tries to minimize her reactions. This lasts for a while until her desperation becomes acute, then she has no choice other than to squirm and hold herself. Her expression shows anguish as she finds it harder and harder to wait, and when Becca starts using words like "I'm going to burst" she know she really is in trouble. When she is finally offered the vase, she takes it with obvious relief, pulls down her tights and panties, and unleashes into it. She pees a phenomenal amount for such a tiny person, an amount that stuns her as much as anyone, and placing her in the top three bladder volumes on Bound2Burst.

The Last Possible Moment (MP4) - Becca

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