• Permission to Pee 5 (MP4) - Paige Turner and Becky LeSabre

We arranged for Paige and Becky to drink various liquids until they were again in a desperate state, then we began filming them in a permission to pee situation. As most of you know, the rules for this are as follows: (1) each model can order her companion to either drink liquid, hold her pee, or pull down her panties and urinate into a small cup which barely provides any relief from the pressure on her full bladder. The constant stopping and starting plays havoc with the model's mind set, not to mention placing a huge strain on her sphincter muscle. The girls really get into torturing one another as the battle it out for almost an hour, each of them frequently withholding permission for partial relief from her opponent. They go through a lot of water as they torment one another, and as the time passes, the amount of leg crossing and foot tapping increases as they both become more and more desperate to go. At one point, Paige gives permission for Becky to pee a little, but just as Becky is pulling down her panties, Paige changes her mind and tells her friend to finish a bottle of water first. The look on Becky's face and the groan
that escapes her speak volumes about her state of desperation. Finally, one of the girls loses control and a lot of pee ends up on the floor, although a lot also ends up in the glass cylinder. Just how much they were holding between them is a matter of conjecture, but it was probably upwards of two litres.

42 minutes

Permission to Pee 5 (MP4) - Paige Turner and Becky LeSabre

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