• Permission to Pee Remastered (MP4) - Amber Wells and Lily Anna

Imported from the original tapes, augmented as far as the quality would allow (color, brightness, sound), this full version of Permission to Pee shows the run up to the contest between Amber and Lily. Amber used to take a diuretic before a shoot to make sure she could pee when a camera was pointed at her. Naturally a bit shy, she always maintained that she could only pee when being filmed if she got herself to a point where she was really bursting, and a little pill combined with plenty of water would achieve this. On the occasion when Permission to Pee was planned, however, things went slightly wrong for Amber. The bondage video took longer than expected. At the time, I had two cameras, and while off filming a scene with Lily in another room, Amber was left tied to a chair (with zip ties) with the second camera running. The idea was to cut between the two scenes during editing, with Amber struggling to escape while burglar Lily and the second intruder are not around. What actually happened is that Amber's desperation to pee became very acute, and instead of acting like a damsel, her entire performance was about trying not to wet herself since she knew she would be doing a pee video directly after this.

Original description:
The girls have a new kind of challenge: they both need to pee, but neither of them can go without receiving permission from the other. Even when permission is given, each girl can only fill a small (dixie) cup and then she must stop going, as in the Time To Go movies. Instead of a clock setting the pace, she must now hold it until her competitor feels like allowing her to go some more. Alas, this is a double-edged sword of course because the model withholding permission to her competitor is herself longing to pee, so she is at the same time delaying her own relief. Life is full of hard choices! Given Amber's strongly competitive nature, she makes Lily wait in spite of her own desperation. In the end, however, nature overpowers Amber and she experiences a truly catastrophic loss of control - had all the pee been measured it may have set a new Bound2Burst record! (The opening scenes of this movie show Amber secured to a chair with zip ties. We were in the process of filming a bondage movie for Beauties in Bondage when Amber declared that she was really bursting to pee. We called a halt and switched over to the planned Permission to Pee scenario, with poor Amber starting at an extreme disadvantage. The first minutes are a bit chaotic with lighting being changes, towels and a glass cylinder being retrieved by Lily, and of course with setting Amber free. Amber's initial desperation is what led to what may be the most dramatic loss of control at the end of this movie.

38 minutes 35 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels (aspect ratio of picture is 4x3) - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 1,790.9 MB

Permission to Pee Remastered (MP4) - Amber Wells and Lily Anna

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