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Based on how much she peed in her first two videos, it is clear that Maci has a fairly large bladder. But how large? What is it's capacity? Might she stand a chance of approaching or even beating the Bound2Burst record of 1,400 ml? We asked Maci to hold her pee as long as possible and then release it into a graduated cylinder. Maci already needed to pee at the start of the video, but there seemed no harm in getting her to drink two and a half bottles of water while we were filming. Maci drinks and squirms during the first half of the video, then the camera is switched off for about ten minutes to allow her desperation to build. When we return, Maci is really desperate to go. She is crossing and uncrossing her legs while sitting down, then pee dancin after she stands up. Her desperation is mounting fast and she starts asking if she can pee yet. Each time she does this she is asked to wait a bit longer. She looks more and more distressed each time this happens because she is afraid she will wet herself before using the cylinder. She warns several times that she is dying to go and will pee on the floor. She strain on her face and her frantic body language speak volumes about her condition. She just doesn't know what to do because she has not been though this before - she has to wait but can't wait. She really starts to plead and she is finally give the nod otherwise we would lose the measurement. She looks so massively relieved as she pees into the cylinder; it really was a very close call.

24 minutes 32 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 1,129.1 MB

Measuring Maci (MP4) - Maci Wilde

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