• Hannah Perez and Monica Jade Set (MP4) - 87 minutes

1. Desperation Challenge 1
Hannah and Monica both need to pee. They are given the challenge of waiting for an hour, drinking liquid along the way to make them increasingly desperate to run to the bathroom, and if they succeed they will receive a financial bonus. There is just one catch: the BOTH have to hold their pee for an hour. If one girl can't make it and loses control, then they both forfeit the bonus. This encourages the girls to root for one another, each persuading her companion to keep holding on. This is Monica's first time with pee desperation on camera, and as such she had no way to gauge her ability to wait. Within fifteen minutes, she's in trouble and getting anxious. Hannah is cocky at first; having been through this before she is confident that she can last the hour... but then her urge to go kicks in and her confidence falters. At the end of the challenge, there are several extras where Monica is sitting on a toilet to pee, once clothed and once naked. Do they make it and receive their bonuses?

2. Let's Play a Game
Hannah and Monica. They've had a few glasses of wine and are feeling relaxed, at least until Hannah moves in her chair and discovers that she actually needs to pee quite badly. She is about to visit the bathroom when Monica suggests that they play a game. Monica says she will handcuff and blindfold Hannah and then lead her to the bathroom, helping her with her skirt and panties. Hannah reluctantly agrees to the game, and once she is secured Monica keeps delaying her on the way to the bathroom, teasing her and making her wait. She even rubs Hannah's abdomen a few times, making her squirm and yelp. At last, Monica stands her in front of the toilet and slowly lifts Hannah's skirt, and then slowly pulls down her panties, with Hannah telling her to hurry up before she pees herself.

3. Problem With the Plumber
Hannah and Monica have returned home from a day of shopping. There has been a problem with the water pipes in their house, and while they were out a local plumber was supposed to be sorting out the problem. However, when the girls get back home, both dying to pee, they find that not only has the plumber not finished his work yet, but he has also turned off the water supply because of a leaking pipe. The girls are desperate to relieve themselves, but with the plumber working in the only bathroom trying to fix the leak before it does too much damage, there is not place for them to go. They sit and pace in the kitchen, desperately trying to hold on in the hope that the man will get out of the way before it is too late. Monica is the first to lose control and wet her jeans, and a few minutes later, in several stages as she fights to hold it, Hannah wets hers too. Both girls are furious at the incompetent plumber who put them in this humiliating situation.

Hannah Perez and Monica Jade Set (MP4) - 87 minutes

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