• Naked Desperation 02 (MP4) - 57 minutes

The second collection of Bound2Burst movies featuring girls who wet themselves while naked. Sequences are approximately 5 minutes long and typically show the last few minutes of desperation followed by the wetting accident. This collection is drawn from the period October 2010 - March 2011. (The scenes with Lily do not show her peeing naked except for a brief sequence sitting on a toilet; she either pees in clothes and then strips or is already in the process of undressing). The scenes in Naked Desperation 2 derive from the following clips:

    Carissa Holds It For Hours
    Autumn - Bursting Bank Manager
    Sienna - Sensual Desperation 4
    Lavender - Give Me Your Clothes
    Lola - Watch Me Pee Naked
    Lily - Got to Go, Got to Stay
    Autumn & Lavender - Permission to Pee 2
    Tabitha - The Headmaster's Office
    Lily - The Humiliated Journalist
    Carissa - The Desperate Avenger

57 minutes 20 seconds - 960x640 pixels - MP4: 1,795.8 MB

Naked Desperation 02 (MP4) - 57 minutes

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Tags: bound2burst, female desperation, pee, wetting