• Let's Play a Game (MP4) - Hannah Perez and Monica Jade

Hannah and Monica. They've had a few glasses of wine and are feeling relaxed, at least until Hannah moves in her chair and discovers that she actually needs to pee quite badly. She is about to visit the bathroom when Monica suggests that they play a game. Monica says she will handcuff and blindfold Hannah and then lead her to the bathroom, helping her with her skirt and panties. Hannah reluctantly agrees to the game, and once she is secured Monica keeps delaying her on the way to the bathroom, teasing her and making her wait. She even rubs Hannah's abdomen a few times, making her squirm and yelp. At last, Monica stands her in front of the toilet and slowly lifts Hannah's skirt, and then slowly pulls down her panties, with Hannah telling her to hurry up before she pees herself.

8 minutes

Let's Play a Game (MP4) - Hannah Perez and Monica Jade

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Tags: bound2burst, female_desperation, pee, wetting, Hannah_Perez, Monica Jade