• Just Skirts 14 (MP4) - 55 minutes

The fourteenth compilation of Bound2Burst female desperation and wetting scenes where the models are wearing skirts or dresses. The running time of the individual clips is around 4 minutes. In most cases, you witness the last minutes of desperation and the wetting accident. Madison, Danielle and Beverley appear in supporting (non-peeing) roles.

Scenes are taken from the following movies:

    Lily: From "Always Professional"
    Tabitha: From "I'm Never Going to Make It"
    Jayne: From "The League of Desperate Ladies 6"
    Rachael: From "Airport Run"
    Lola & Nyxon: From "Trapped in an Elevator 3"
    Jayne: From "Wait For That Call, Miss Jones"
    Tabitha: From "Line at the Ladies"
    Jayne: From "Watch Me Wait Until I Wet Myself"
    Tabitha & Jynx: From "Going Up!"
    Lily: From "Seeing Red"
    Lola & Tabitha: From "Bursting in the Boardroom"
    Jayne: From "Let Me Use the Bathroom"
    Nyxon: From "The League of Desperate Ladies 6"
    Tabitha: From "Technical Support" 

55 minutes 45 seconds - 960x480 pixels - MP4: 1,742.2 MB

Just Skirts 14 (MP4) - 55 minutes

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Tags: bound2burst, female desperation, pee, wetting