• Just Skirts 15 (MP4) - 69 minutes

The fifteenth collection of Bound2Burst clips featuring girls who wet themselves in skirts and dresses, soaking panties and legs/pantyhose. Scenes are drawn from the summer and autumn releases of 2009 and run approximately 4-5 minutes each, depicting the last minutes of desperation and the final loss of control.

    Jayne: From Waiting For the Principal
    Sienna: From School Assembly
    Lola & Tabitha: From Urgent Call
    Jayne & Rachael: From Holding Hostesses
    Danielle: From Concealing Her Condition
    Rachael: From Ripping Off Her Clothes
    Jayne: From How Dare You Resign, Miss Jones
    Lola: From Competing For the Job
    Jayne: From Bistro Embarrassment
    Rachael: From Holding Hostesses
    Jayne: Double Cross
    Danielle: From Trying to Hang On
    Jayne: Holding It in a Red Dress
    Tabitha: Locked in the Basement
    Jayne: Take a Letter, Miss Jones

69 minutes 24 seconds - 960x640 pixels - MP4: 2,164.2 MB

Just Skirts 15 (MP4) - 69 minutes

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Tags: bound2burst, female desperation, pee, wetting