• Just Skirts 20 (MP4) - 61 minutes

The twentieth compilation of Bound2Burst female skirt wetting scenes is drawn from the season January - March 2011. As usual, the sequences show the last few minutes of desperation following by (in most cases) the wetting accident. Please note that while models are occasionally shown taking off their skirts to show their wet panties, this is not a guaranteed feature of any clip.

The scenes in Just Skirts 20 derive from the following Bound2Burst movies:

    Lola: From Girls Night Out
    Rachael: From Time To Go 2
    Lavender: From Will They Make It?
    Lily: From Humiliated Journalist
    Amber: From No Bathroom Break
    Carissa: From Girls Night Out
    Autumn: From Housemate in the Shower
    Amber: From The Best Candidate
    Lily: From The Loan Officer
    Autumn: From Problem With the Plumbing
    Amber: From Girls Night Out
    Carissa: From Escaped Convict
    Autumn: From Time To Go 3
    Lily: From Girls Night Out

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Just Skirts 20 (MP4) - 61 minutes

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Tags: bound2burst, female desperation, pee, wetting