• Just Skirts 21 (MP4) - 82 minutes

Our twenty first collection of scenes where models are desperate to pee and wet themselves while wearing skirts. A few extras have been added, such as excerpts from Permission To Pee 3 and Time To Go 6 where skirts are lifted and panties are pulled down. There is even one, Rachael's "Pacing Outside the Bathroom" where she makes it to the toilet. For the most part though, you'll see the last few minutes of desperation following by a wetting accident. There are some outstanding jets of pee in this compilation, and in some instances the skirt actually does get wet!

The excepts in Just Skirts 21 derive from the following movies:

  1.     Cheyenne: From Time To Go 6
  2.     Dixie: From I'll Make You Wet Yourself
  3.     Carissa: From Trying To Get Home in Time
  4.     Rachael: From Pacing Outside the Bathroom
  5.     Dixie & Lola: From Both Dying To Go
  6.     Beverly: From She Forgot Her Key Card
  7.     Lily & Tina: From Work Break Disaster
  8.     Dixie & Lola: From Permission To Pee 3
  9.     Autumn & Lavender: From Rivals
  10.     Lola: From Caught Stealing
  11.     Rachael: From She Can't Hold It Much Longer
  12.     Dixie: From Federal Bureau of Incompetence
  13.     Beverly: From Desperate Travel Agent
  14.     Cheyenne: From Waiting To Be Interviewed
  15.     Carissa & Dixie: From Time To Go 7
  16.     Lily & Tina: From Forced To Wet Themselves
  17.     Dixie: From Wetting Herself While Being Carried

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Just Skirts 21 (MP4) - 82 minutes

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Tags: bound2burst, female desperation, pee, wetting