• Her Only Choice (MP4) - Nikki Brooks

Nikki is in for an experience she has not had before. She is asked to strip (no, that's not new), she is shackled by one ankle to a wood stove, and she is consuming liquids... and, she really needs to pee! She downed two bottles of water in the hour before this clip started, and was really starting to feel the effects even before the camera went on. Essentially, we join her in the latter staged where she is already feeling desperate! Nikki recklessly continues to drink as the minutes pass, turning her desperate situation into a critical one. Before long, she not only continuously holding her vagina to keep from peeing on the carpet, something she knows she cannot do, but she also starts begging for something to pee into before it's too late. Afterwards, she admitted that in the final three minutes, she was truly afraid that she would lose control and get herself into some big trouble.

20 minutes 51 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 963.5 MB

Her Only Choice (MP4) - Nikki Brooks

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