• Measuring Lea and Vonka (MP4) - Vonka Romanov and Lea Hart

The girls have agreed to drink plenty and wait as long as possible before into our graduated cylinders to measure their capacities. Vonka already needs to pee quite badly as we get started since she can hold on a lot longer than Lea who has to pee frequently. Lea managed to pee around 600 ml on her first visit, so here we see what effect competition has on her ability to wait. As desperation to pee mounts, the girls get a little bit quieter (though not that much), and Lea sings her "I need to pee so bad" song, backed by Vonka. Now the girls are struggling to delay emptying their bladders and there is some tension in the air as they fight to hold on. As the moment draws near, both girls take of their panties to make sure they can grab a cylinder and place it between their legs in time to catch the pee. Vonka's output is pretty impressive.

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Measuring Lea and Vonka (MP4) - Vonka Romanov and Lea Hart

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Tags: bound2burst, female desperation, pee, wetting