• Vonka On The Brink (MP4) - Vonka Romanov

Vonka decides to make another attempt at breaking her pee holding record, in terms of quantity released. This video is POV - she talks only to the camera, to you - and she expresses her feeling continuously as the time passes. She left it very late to start this video, so right from the beginning she is absolutely desperate and has trouble waiting. She tries to find ways to distract herself to make it a little easier to postpone the moment of being forced to pee, but she finds it hard to think of anything else other than her present condition. When she considers she is seriously in danger of wetting herself by accident, she peels off her skirt and panties and squats over the cylinder. She does actually surpass her previous record, but adds that in a few minutes she will need to pee more. She makes this point eloquently by adding a scene in the bathroom just fifteen minutes after the main part of the video ends, holding her pee while she explains her situation. She then releases, and it is surprising how much more pee she produced in such a short period of time. She considers that if she were more distracted, such as driving a car while hold it, she could last longer. Next time, we'll try a new approach.

16 minutes 51 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - 5 Mbps bitrate - MP4: 648.6 MB

Vonka On The Brink (MP4) - Vonka Romanov

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Tags: bound2burst, female desperation, pee, wetting