• Holding Contest 18 (MP4) - Dixie Comet and Shauna Ryanne

Champion holder Shauna is back after outlasting Candle in Holding Contest 17. This time she is being challenged by Dixie, a veteran at holding, having gone up against Constance in Holding Contest 15, Scarlett in Holding Contest 13, and Lola in Holding Contest 8. We know that Shauna has an amazing ability to hold on so she really puts Dixie to the test. Unlike with previous holding contests, the challenge does not end when the first girl loses control and wets herself; the surviving contestant then has to continue holding it while the loser showers, standing outside the bathroom as she struggles to wait. Enjoy this hour of mounting desperation and ultimate peeing accidents. (There is no measuring in this contest and the girls pee in their clothes).

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Holding Contest 18 (MP4) - Dixie Comet and Shauna Ryanne

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Tags: bound2burst, female desperation, pee, wetting