• Sheer Desperation (MP4) - Jasmine St James and Candle Boxxx

The day after filming "Mind Over Bladder", Candle was up for another challenge to see if she could surpass her pee volume from that contest. We work on the usual mix of forced stripping and bondage while Candle and Jasmine both take in fluids. In Candle's case, she drinks a phenomenal amount all the time, but this day she consumed a little more than usual, which is what got her into some serious trouble. Towards the end of making the bondage movie "No Benefit" Candle reported being extremely desperate to pee, but declared that she would hold it in the hope of beating her 1,200 ml record. The last minute or so of the bondage story is included at the start of this movie to let you see how frantic Candle was to pee - she was wiggling her legs as far as she could in restraints, her body language making it obvious that she was nearly bursting. Jasmine remarked that she had never seen candle so desperate before, and that's saying something. With the bondage over, Candle changed her clothes very quickly and was urging Jasmine to hurry up because she could not wait much longer. So it is that at the start of the contest, Candle is in a state of sheer desperation. She squirms frantically, making herself wait in order to "show off her desperation", as she puts it. She starts to undress quite early on after Jasmine places a graduated cylinder in front her, preparing herself in case she loses control and has to grab the cylinder quickly. We also persuade Jasmine to pee into the other cylinder, something she has never done before. At last, Candle simply can't hold on any more and pees into the tube. The relief on her face is a gem. She only pees 1,000 ml at first, but in the following minutes she releases more and then more until she finally reaches Jayne's 1,400 ml record. Candle is pleased, but says that next time she needs to do it all in one go. Having Jasmine measure her pee reveals how dehydrated she was, both from volume and the color of her pee despite drinking steadily for hours. She is capable of peeing much more, as demonstrated by completely soaking pairs of jeans in movies like "Unlocking the Flood" and "Enormous Relief", but she requires a lot of managing to make that happen.

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Sheer Desperation (MP4) - Jasmine St James and Candle Boxxx

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