• Measuring Jasmine (MP4) - Jasmine St James

We know that Jasmine's holding capacity is not exceptional, but it is astonishing what can be achieved once a sufficiently large carrot is dangled. She desperately wanted to keep the pair of boots she was wearing, so the deal was that she had to pee at least 700 millilitres (significantly more than her prior measurement with Candle in Sheer Desperation) before we would agree to let her have them. Since the objective here was to have her wait as long as possible to get the greatest possible capacity from her, part way through we introduce a card game to keep her distracted from her very full bladder. Stephanie stepped in to be her opponent while she held her pee and continued to drink. Unlike her normal intake, Jasmine also had to drink nearly three half-litre bottles of water for this one, so she was really bursting. When she finally gave in, it was because she really could not wait any longer. The results - a big step up for Jasmine.

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Measuring Jasmine (MP4) - Jasmine St James

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