• Holding Contest 20 (MP4): Hannah Perez and Jasmine St James

Hannah and Jasmine team up for a holding contest. This is Hannah's first while Jasmine has participated in several. Never having won a contest, Jasmine is absolutely determined to out-wait Hannah. She is encouraged to note that Hannah starts squirming early in the contest, indicating that her need to pee is already bad. Jasmine teases her while attempting to look composed, although her own hand keeps straying to her crotch and almost grabbing it. After fighting hard to be the winner, Hannah loses control. This does not mean her competitor can run off and relieve herself, and to make sure she doesn't. Hannah handcuffs one of Jasmine's wrists to the chair while she heads off to take a shower. Jasmine calls after her, and stands there wiggling her legs. She is now desperate to pee and really wants to go and relieve herself, but she does her best to wait until Hannah returns. When Hannah does come back, wearing only a towel, she claims she doesn't know where the key to the handcuffs is located (she really doesn't) and goes in search of it. Jasmine is getting rather frantic by this time, and when Hannah reappears with a key and it fails to unlock the cuff, Jasmine really starts to panic. Hannah goes to look for another key and returns after a few minutes to a frantically pee dancing Jasmine. While Hannah is trying to get this key to turn, Jasmine loses it and pee races down her legs in a fast torrent.

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Holding Contest 20 (MP4): Hannah Perez and Jasmine St James

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Tags: bound2burst, female desperation, pee, wetting