• Holding Contest 2 Remastered (MP4) - Jayne and MiMi

A long (75-minute) holding contest between Jayne and MiMi with both of them consuming copious amounts of wine and water, becoming quite tipsy along the way. They both seem very determined to be the one who waits the longest, and it really is a close contest. They regale us with stories of their real life desperation, while teasing one another about having a full bladder. This version is about 3 minutes longer than the original and is about as high-def as a 2008 movies recorded in SD is ever likely to get. It's sold in one part so be patient with the download.

74 minutes 51 seconds - 960x640 pixels -  MP4: 3,506.0 MB

Holding Contest 2 Remastered (MP4) - Jayne and MiMi

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Tags: bound2burst, female desperation, pee, wetting