• Holding Contest 10 (MP4): Autumn Bodell and Lavender

Both Autumn and Lavender have participated individually in holding it for hours videos. Lavender did the very first one which was a custom simply called Holding It For Hours. Owing to its success, more were filmed including Autumn Holds It For Hours. It was high time these two ladies competed against one another to see who could last the longest and who would pee the most. The original plan was to film the opening sequence where the girls use the bathroom, then drink and tell desperation stories (and Autumn has a very good one to relate about her encounter with a policeman while she was bursting to pee) and then take a break to film content for Beauties in Bondage, coming back to the holding contest when both girls were really feeling the urge to pee. However, this happened very early on this time, so the break was actually very short. This contest, therefore, is almost in the format of a "holding it for hours" style video. During filming, the girls go outside and sit in the garden for a while as they continue to sip at their drinks. When a bear turns up, they almost wet themselves in fright and run back indoors.

86 minutes 36 seconds - 960x640 pixels -  MP4: 2,711.9 MB

Holding Contest 10 (MP4): Autumn Bodell and Lavender

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Tags: bound2burst, female desperation, pee, wetting