• Holding Contest 09 (MP4): Carissa Montgomery and Rachael

In Holding Contest 7, Carissa and Rachael were the two finalists, so it seemed only right to bring them back together for another holding contest, just the two of them this time. On this occasion, they got to empty their bladders before starting, and both women consumed the same amount of liquid (at least until things were well advanced). Carissa becomes visibly uncomfortable in less than an hour and is clearly in trouble. Rachael is squirming too, but she seems more in control. As the minutes creep by, Carissa's discomfort becomes rapidly more obvious; her expressions speak volumes as she realizes she will not be able to hold out as long as she did in her previous contest. For some reason, the 60 fluid ounces of liquid she has consumed have passed right through her and her bladder is all but bursting. Will her competitive nature force her to keep fighting to hold it rather than let Rachael win?

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Holding Contest 09 (MP4): Carissa Montgomery and Rachael

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Tags: bound2burst, female desperation, pee, wetting