• Holding Contest 13 (MP4) - Dixie Comet and Scarlett Storm

This is a very informal holding contest which begins with the girls already needing to pee, and which lasts a little over an hour, although only about half this interval was filmed. We start out with Scarlett already in a rather desperate place, and with encouragement from Dixie she drinks more liquid, as of course does Dixie. There is a lot of squirming throughout the video, and the girls talk about desperation matters which, not surprisingly, are uppermost on their minds at present. Scarlett is the first to fold because, as she put it: "If I try to wait any longer it will just go all over the floor." She relieves herself in one of the glass cylinders, which of course is sheer torment for Dixie. This is not the end of Dixie's wait, by the way: she is asked to continue until she too cannot hold it any longer. During Dixie torment, a now-relaxed Scarlett sits watching with a smile on her face. At last, Dixie has to go and uses her own cylinder. While neither volume is a record breaker, it is still nice to watch the girls struggling hard until they can't wait any more. At the end, they hold up their respective cylinders to show off the quantity released, and to emphasize the difference in the urine colors.

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Holding Contest 13 (MP4) - Dixie Comet and Scarlett Storm

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Tags: bound2burst, female desperation, pee, wetting