• Holding Contest 17 Remastered (MP4) - Candle Boxxx and Shauna Ryanne

Two girls with large bladder capacities dueling it out to see who can wait the longest and pee the most. They had a tremendous amount of fun. Both Candle and Shauna are filmed emptying out at the start of the movie, and in the full version they are seen to drink a lot of liquid subsequently. During this sequence, they chatted extensively about peeing and desperation, covering an amazing range of topics but never straying away from this central premise of desperation. After some forty minutes, the girls took a break to film a bondage movie, allowing their bladders time to fill, and when they came back to the contest they were both far along in terms of needing to pee. From this point on, there is plenty of squirming and grinding and pee dancing, but also some engaging scenes where they torture one another the other with hugs, lap sittings and abdomen pressing to give their competitor a difficult time holding on. The even engage in performing some "jumping jacks" and bunny hops, both of which torturously bounce their full bladders. Even in the throes of serious desperation, good humour prevailed, making their on-screen performances both fun and electrifying. This was a very entertaining session with two beautiful women whose bladders were close to bursting point. This contest is also one of those rare occasions where the person who waits the longest does not pee the most.

90 minutes 54 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 4,158.0 MB - supplied in 2 parts

Holding Contest 17 Remastered (MP4) - Candle Boxxx and Shauna Ryanne

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