• Holding Contest 11 Remastered (MP4) - Carissa Montgomery and Cheyenne Jewel

Both Cheyenne and Carissa started out determined to emerge the winner from this contest. They both drank exactly the same amount of liquid (76 fluid ounces). Carissa has been through an earlier holding contest ( Holding Contest 7 and Holding Contest 9) so she certainly had the experience. Cheyenne, in order to test her holding abilities, engaged in a solo holding effort the day before the contest (Cheyenne Waits As Long As She Can). But there is no substitute for actually being up against a challenger and both girls really fought hard to win. This contest is the first where a prize paid by fans was offered. The prize reached $265 by the day of filming. There is no question that offering a financial inducement changed the feel of a holding contest, making it far more intense than any of its predecessors. The holding time exceeded 3 hours for both models. About an hour and a half in to the contest, both models are fidgeting dramatically as the battle the urge to pee. Somehow, they manage to get themselves under control. As the time passed and the duration of the contest exceeded any previously filmed at Bound2Burst.

2 hours 17 minutes - 1920x1080 pixels - picture aspect ratio 4x3 - bitrate 5.775 Mbps - MP4: 6,235.3 MB

Video supplied in 3 parts

Holding Contest 11 Remastered (MP4) - Carissa Montgomery and Cheyenne Jewel

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