• Just Made It 13 (MP4) - 65 minutes

Our thirteenth collection of scenes where the girls are desperate to pee and just make it to the bathroom in time, or have to pee outside. The excerpts are typically 5 minutes long and derive from the following movies:

Star: A Long, Long Pee
Becky: Where Can I Go This Time
Jasmine: I'm Going to Explode
Jade: Always Late
Hannah: Hannah's Gotta Pee
Amber: Holding Contest  (Amber & Jasmine)
Scarlett: Urgent Wiggling
Jasmine: Standing in Her Way
Gianna: Close Call
Niki: Niki Measures
Jade: Let Me Pee
Jasmine: Can't Make It Home
Hannah: So Very Close

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Just Made It 13 (MP4) - 65 minutes

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Tags: bound2burst, female desperation, pee, wetting