• Just Made It 14 (MP4) - 60 minutes

Our fourteenth collection of scenes where the girls are desperate to pee and just make it to the bathroom in time, or have to pee outside. The excerpts are typically 5 minutes long and derive from the following movies:

    Cali: Cali's First Time
    Dixie: Sit On Toilet & Hold
    Jasmine: Desperate Jasmine 1
    Kim: I Want You to Wait
    Gianna: Relief in a Car
    Caroline: Huge Relief
    Cadence: Awkward Moment
    Tilly: Watching the Game
    Niki: The Doors Won't Unlock
    Jasmine: Desperate Jasmine 3
    Cadence: Land Line Only
    Caroline: Can't Stop Peeing

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Just Made It 14 (MP4) - 60 minutes

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Tags: bound2burst, female desperation, pee, wetting