• Jasmine Remeasured (MP4) - Jasmine St James

Now that we know how to make Jasmine hold her pee and not give in under any circumstances, we once again decided to shackle her to the wood stove after she has been sitting, chatting and imbibing liquids for about an hour. She wanted to wear a cute little dress she picked up together with her thigh high boots. Definitely not a problem. She did have to suffer the ignominy of securing her own ankle with the strap, effectively chaining herself in place. Now all she can do is wait and hope that she won't be forced to hold it for too long; too long meaning that she would pee on the carpet. Her situation is more fraught that usual, because on this occasion she has "she who must be obeyed" sitting in a chair next to the camera and keeping an eye on developments. She warns Jasmine a number of times about peeing on her carpet, making it clear that this absolutely cannot happen. Poor Jasmine; it really is quite the dilemma. To make matters worse, the missus decided to get up and go for a pee about half way through, leaving the bathroom door open so that Jasmine could hear her going, and of course flushing the toilet afterwards. When Jasmine says she can't wait much longer and pleads for the cylinder, the missus presents her with an egg cup and tells her to pee in that. This really is unusual torment, and Jasmine really is bursting to go. When she finally gets hold of the cylinder, she rams it between her legs and lets go immediately, something she is able to do because she is not wearing any panties.

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Jasmine Remeasured (MP4) - Jasmine St James

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