• Mura's Awkward Situation (MP4) - Mura Suru


During what was essentially a bondage shoot, Mura found herself in the awkward situation of needing to pee while secured to a stool with zipties. She managed to hold on throughout filming the bondage scene, but then announced that we needed to do something pee related very quickly. Naturally, there was no rush to free her, and Dave even put a little bit of extra pressure on her distended bladder. When it became apparent that she really couldn't hold it much longer (mainly her announcing "I really am about to pee on your chair”), the green cloth was moved out of the way. A minute later, the flow began, with Mura asking for the shoes to be removed before they got soaked in pee. She say there for some time emptying her bladder, and despite the amount that soaked into her underwear and the seat of the chair, there was still a very respectably river of pee on the concrete floor. After she is freed, Mura starts a stripping scene in the same clothes, and we pause to show off her soaking wet panties.

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Mura's Awkward Situation (MP4) - Mura Suru

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