• No Bathroom Break Remastered (MP4) - Amber Wells


Amber is a teacher who must invigilate a student sitting an examination in his own home owing to illness. The same rules apply as in the classroom, however; during the 3-hour exam, the student is not allowed to take any breaks... at the same time, neither is the teacher. As she sits keeping an eye on the working student, it is gradually borne in upon Amber that her bladder is filling with unexpected haste, so that by half time she is bursting to relieve herself. Because she can't go to do anything about it, she starts urging the student to finish the test early, but the student objects to her attempts to hurry him along. He also objects to the noise she makes as she paces around restlessly in her heels, forcing her to sit down and be quiet. Amber's expression betray that the pressure on her bladder is excruciating. Nevertheless, she holds on as long as she can, but with still fifteen minutes to go she simply can't wait any longer and wets herself in front of her appalled student. (Amber released a lot of pee in this one, perhaps rivaling her outpourings in Permission to Pee. The reason she tends to release so much is that Amber finds she can't do this kind of thing in front of someone unless she is absolutely bursting).

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No Bathroom Break Remastered (MP4) - Amber Wells

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