• The Capacities: Volumes 1 and 2 (MP4) - 2 hours 30 minutes

The Capacities: Volume 1
Time: 64 minutes

    Candle: Sheer Desperation
    Measuring Sarah
    Measuring Cadence
    Measuring Carissa
    Measuring Hannah
    Measuring Star
    Measuring Jasmine
    Linh & Tilly: Who Can Pee the Most?
    Candle: Mind Over Bladder
    Measuring Lea
    Measuring Jessica
    Measuring Maci
    Carissa: Mind Over Bladder
    Measuring Amanda
    Measuring Autumn
    Measuring Tara
    Measuring Lea & Vonka
    Measuring Tilly
    Carissa Tries For the Record
    Candle: Trying For the Record
    Jayne: The Record - Full Capacity

The Capacities: Volume 2
Time: 87 minutes 

    Vonka Romanov: Holding & Measuring
    Becca: The Last Possible Moment
    Cadence Lux: Just Out Of Reach
    Misty Lovelace: Measuring Misty
    Kendra James: Time To Go With Kendra
    Carissa Montgomery: Carissa Remeasured
    Jasmine St James: Jasmine Remeasured
    Monica Jade: Peeing in a Tube
    Nikki Brooks: Her Only Choice
    Jamie Daniels: Measuring Jamie Daniels
    Becky LeSabre: Becky's Got To Wait
    Vonka Romanov: Remeasuring Vonka
    Cadence, Vonka & Jasmine: Restricted Access
    Tara: Compelled To Hold It
    Rachael (Ten Amorette): Measuring Rachael
    Vonka Romanov: Did I Just Beat My Record?
    Dixie Comet & Carissa Montgomery: Capacity Challenge

The Capacities: Volumes 1 and 2 (MP4) - 2 hours 30 minutes

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