• Two Girls, One Toilet (4K upscaled) - Becky LeSabre and Sara Liz


Becky has picked up her friend Sara from a function and is driving her home. Before they reach the house, however, both women are desperate to pee, and as the end of their journey draws near they begin arguing over who is going to use the bathroom first. Becky insists that since she is the driver she should go first, but Sara is too desperate to wait and insists that she must use the toilet before her friend. As soon as the vehicle stops, Sara is out like and flash and running towards the house. She is stopped by a locked door and Becky has the keys, so Sara stands frantically pee dancing while Becky unlocks the house. As soon as the door starts to move, Sara pushes past Becky and makes a mad dash for the bathroom. She gets to the toilet without a second to spare, leaving poor Becky standing in the open doorway always wetting her denim shorts. Sara was holding a lot of pee and keep going for so long Becky is starting to wet herself. She has no choice but to climb into the tub and wet herself while Sara looks on amused. Becky threatens to do something unpleasant with her wet shorts when Sara tells her, so pleasantly, that she is done and Becky can use the toilet now if she likes.

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Two Girls, One Toilet (4K upscaled) - Becky LeSabre and Sara Liz

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