• Caught by Customs (4K upscaled) - Cadence Lux and Hannah Perez


Cadence and Hannah have been detained by customs after arriving on a flight from Colombia, suspecting that they may be smuggling. The girls are locked in a featureless cell to await processing. While they are waiting, it becomes clear that both girls need to pee, having put it off during the flight and then holding it throughout the long wait at immigration. The room has no facilities so they assume their wait will not be very long, but that is not how things turn out. As the minutes pass, the girls grow increasingly desperate to piss until they can no longer stand still. They call out for attention but no one comes. Certain that they are under supervision, they refrain from pulling up their skirts and squatting down, electing instead to wait until someone comes to let them out, but the wait is too long. Cadence is the first to lose control, and she does so spectacularly. The sight and smell of urine sets Hannah off and she too wets herself. Now when the officers arrive to examine them, they will have to deal with two girls with wet panties and wet legs.

20 minutes 59 seconds - 3840x2160 pixels - MP4: 2,424.8 MB

Caught by Customs (4K upscaled) - Cadence Lux and Hannah Perez

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