• Star Had To Go (4K upscaled) - Star Nine


Held prisoner in a basement, her wrists cuffed to the back of a chair, Star has been unable to move for hours, and now she needs to pee. She calls out for someone to help her but nobody comes. She crosses and wiggles her legs, and mutters that she does not want to wet her panties and then have to sit in the puddle. She tries to keep holding on, calling our intermittently for attention, but there are no sounds from above; it seems her captors have gone out and left her alone. When she can't endure a full bladder any longer, Star wets her panties. Pee streams across the seat of the chair and onto the floor, streaming away like a little river towards the wall behind her. She had to pee a lot and it really dhows. Now she must wait in her pee-soaked panties until someone arrives to, as she puts it, clean her up.

11 minutes 43 seconds - 3840x2160 pixels - MP4: 1,335.8 MB

Star Had To Go (4K upscaled) - Star Nine

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