• Realtor's Nightmare (4K upscaled) - Star Nine


Star is a new hire at the firm on Everett Realtors and is waiting for a client with her boss. Star asks if they can go inside the house and wait, but her boss explains that he has a policy of not entering properties without a client present. When she tells him that she needs to use the bathroom, he tells her that she needs to wait and that she should have planned accordingly. Not wishing to come across as argumentative, Star waits, wiggling her legs, pacing up and down and finally pee dancing. She asks the boss if they can make an exception just this once and go inside so that she can use the bathroom, but he refuses. Star is now desperate and pee dancing without inhibition. She finally says, irritably, that the client is obvious not coming and that they should go. The boss says it will be a big commission if they sell the house and they should hang on for a few more minutes. But poor Star can't hang on; she leans again the car and wets herself in front of her boss, just as the client's car is approaching. The boss, dismayed by her conduct, tells her to sit inside their car so that the client does not see what she has done.

10 minutes 33 seconds - 3840x2160 pixels - MP4: 1,170.6 MB

Realtor's Nightmare (4K upscaled) - Star Nine

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