• Just Skirts 9 (MP4) - 57 minutes
Lola: Final Flood of the Day
Jayne: The League of Desperate Ladies 3
Tabitha and Sienna: Drunk & Dying to Pee
Debbie D: Too Embarrassed to Ask
Danielle: Will I Make It?
Beverley: Urology Lecture
Jynx and Cyndie: Out of Time
Lola: Errand With a Full Bladder
Madison & Maria: Stopped By a Cop 2
Casey: Tied-Up Temp
Tabitha and Sienna: Meet Me on the Corner
Danielle: Peeing in the Back Yard
MiMi: Executive Decision
Wednesday: Let's Dance
Sienna: Keep Talking

Just Skirts 9 (MP4) - 57 minutes

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