• Waiting For An Ultrasound (MP4) - Violet

Violet has been scheduled for an ultrasound and has been told to turn up at the clinic with a full bladder. She followed instructions to drink a lot of water on the morning of her appointment, but with an hour still to go, she is not sure she can hold her pee until she gets there. If she could hold it that long, there is also a distinct possibility that the schedule may have slipped and she would have to wait even longer. She talks on the phone to a friend, expressing her worry that she is already desperate, but her friend reassures her and Violet continues to hold it. Wanting the scan to be a really clear one, Violet decides that she will drink some more liquid, but she can't face any more water; she decides to make herself a cup of tea. Even the act of filling the kettle nearly makes her wet herself! This really is going to be a challenge. After wondering if she should have the tea at all, she proceeds to drink it, all the while pacing up and down and crossing her legs, fighting the powerful urge to relieve herself each time it asserts itself. As she continues drinking, Violet is overcome by a very powerful desire to go and realizes she is not going to last until her appointment. On the verge of losing control, she rushes to the bathroom, pulls down her panties and enjoys the explosive relief as she empties her very full bladder. Now she will have to make a fresh appointment and go through all this discomfort again.

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Waiting For An Ultrasound (MP4) - Violet

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