• Danielle Remastered (MP4) - 2 hours 12 minutes

1. Extreme Desperation Remastered
20 minutes 49 seconds - 1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 963.8 MB
Intended as a story where a couple are going out for lunch and the male contrives ways to make his girlfriend hold on to a full bladder, this movie quickly turned into a real race against time for Danielle. Already wanting to pee when we started out, her desperation was acute before we even reached the location where we planned to do most of the filming. The story called for Danielle and her friend to leave the vehicle and walk around for a while, but when the moment came, Danielle said that she didn't want to walk around because she needed to pee "really, really, really badly." Rather than turn back, however, we continued traveling away from home in order to get enough video for the movie. Danielle kept trying to persuade the driver to "just stop -- anywhere!" -- so that she could get out and relieve herself, but we kept going. In fact, there really wasn't anywhere suitable for her to go anyway - there was a lot of traffic and the roadside either inaccessible or populated by houses. We finally turned around and drove home. Danielle's exclamations of frustration became steadily more frantic as she fought to hold on. She even threatened to let it go on the seat, she was so incredibly desperate. She squirmed and gasped and continued to beg for the driver to stop and let her out, but of course he didn't. In the end, she barely made it.

2. First Pee of the Day Remastered

17 minutes 16 seconds - 1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 797.9 MB
Danielle needs her first pee of the day, but her partner is in the only bathroom with a bad stomach. To take her mind off needing to go so badly, Danielle starts cleaning up the kitchen. She squirms as the urge to pee gets worse and worse, and finally she returns to the bathroom door. Her partner is still in there! Bursting now, she pounds on the door, demanding that he let her in. He refuses, and Danielle has reached the point where she can't hold it any longer. She loses control, and soon a long puddle of pee snakes across the floor.

3. I Don't Want to Wet My New Jeans Remastered
26 minutes 51 seconds - 1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,243.0 MB
Danielle arrived for her shoot with a full bladder, assuming she would be doing a 20-30 film. She learned instead that the first movie of the day was to be a long one taking several hours to film. Pleading that she couldn't hold on for that long, we decided that, rather than waste the opportunity, that she should be tied up in the basement until she wet her jeans. This led to a discussion about the jeans and shoes being both new and expensive, and Danielle wanted to know if she could change first. Since the jeans looked good on her, we persuaded her to go down to the basement dressed just as she was.Once she was secured to a pole, she was told that, if she could wait for 20 minutes, she would be freed and allowed to use the toilet so that she would not have to wet her new jeans and shoes. She began wetting her jeans several times during this period but managed to stem the flow. In the end, alas, she lost control with just a few more minutes to wait. What a shame.

4. She Needs To Pee Remastered
13 minutes 00 seconds - 1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 601.5 MB
Ever been to a party where the house is just too hot, noisy and full of smoke, and you carry your drink outside to get away from it all? Then a nice looking girl comes out to join you and says she has been waiting for the bathroom but the line never gets any shorter. She needs to pee, and she asks you if you would mind if she let it go right in front of you. Most of us have probably had a fantasy like this at one time or another, so Danielle and I decided to play out the scenario on the back deck. She's very good at party chat, and it sounds cute delivered in her European accent. You even get a look up her dress and see her pantyhose and shoe close-up as she lets it all go.

5. Elegant Desperation Remastered
18 minutes 48 seconds - 1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 869.9 MB
We put Danielle, already struggling with a full bladder, in a figure-hugging dress, laid her on the bed and asked her to hold it as long as she could. When she reached the point where she felt she could not wait any longer, Danielle enters the bathroom, lifts her dress and pull down her pantyhose (she was not wearing panties because the dress was too tight for that). The intention was that she would sit on the toilet for a long time and continue to wait, but she became so desperate while waiting that, as soon as she sat down on the toilet, she had to let it go.

6. OCD Remastered
9 minutes 31 seconds - 1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 440.3 MB
Danielle is an obsessively clean person. Cleaning the house several times a day is a compulsion. After a visit from some friends, she finds the lavatory dirty and wants to clean it before relieving herself. Weary of her obsessive behavior, her husband has hidden all the cleaning products in the house and tells her that if she wants to go, she will have to sit on the dirty toilet. As the urge to clean and the urge to urinate battle for supremacy, her husband offers her a rather unique solution to her problem.

7. I've Got To Stop Remastered
26 minutes 19 seconds - 1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,218.7 MB
Danielle was driving and sitting in the vehicle for about an hour and a half for this movie, although a lot of that was not filmed. The movie follows her through waiting in a parking lot while Dave goes shopping, swigging water from a bottle and getting herself desperation to pee. When she starts driving again, she is anxious to find somewhere to stop and empty her bladder. There are so few places to get off the road where it's not obviously private property, and Danielle has to wait longer than anticipated. She starts to look around very anxiously as she searches for somewhere to stop. We finally do locate a rare pull-in on the side of the road and Danielle hops out and runs bare-foot into the woods. She doesn't go in very far and is still visible from the highway when she lifts her skirt and releases through her panties. It's a powerful jet, reflecting her desperate to pee condition.

Danielle Remastered (MP4) - 2 hours 12 minutes

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