• First Pee of the Day Remastered (MP4) - Danielle

Danielle arrived for her shoot with a full bladder, assuming she would be doing a 20-30 film. She learned instead that the first movie of the day was to be a long one taking several hours to film. Pleading that she couldn't hold on for that long, we decided that, rather than waste the opportunity, that she should be tied up in the basement until she wet her jeans. This led to a discussion about the jeans and shoes being both new and expensive, and Danielle wanted to know if she could change first. Since the jeans looked good on her, we persuaded her to go down to the basement dressed just as she was.Once she was secured to a pole, she was told that, if she could wait for 20 minutes, she would be freed and allowed to use the toilet so that she would not have to wet her new jeans and shoes. She began wetting her jeans several times during this period but managed to stem the flow. In the end, alas, she lost control with just a few more minutes to wait. What a shame.

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First Pee of the Day Remastered (MP4) - Danielle

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