• Extreme Desperation Remastered (MP4) - Danielle

Intended as a story where a couple are going out for lunch and the male contrives ways to make his girlfriend hold on to a full bladder, this movie quickly turned into a real race against time for Danielle. Already wanting to pee when we started out, her desperation was acute before we even reached the location where we planned to do most of the filming. The story called for Danielle and her friend to leave the vehicle and walk around for a while, but when the moment came, Danielle said that she didn't want to walk around because she needed to pee "really, really, really badly." Rather than turn back, however, we continued traveling away from home in order to get enough video for the movie. Danielle kept trying to persuade the driver to "just stop -- anywhere!" -- so that she could get out and relieve herself, but we kept going. In fact, there really wasn't anywhere suitable for her to go anyway - there was a lot of traffic and the roadside either inaccessible or populated by houses. We finally turned around and drove home. Danielle's exclamations of frustration became steadily more frantic as she fought to hold on. She even threatened to let it go on the seat, she was so incredibly desperate. She squirmed and gasped and continued to beg for the driver to stop and let her out, but of course he didn't. In the end, she barely made it.

20 minutes 49 seconds - 1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 963.8 MB


Extreme Desperation Remastered (MP4) - Danielle

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