• Kendra James Desperation Situations (MP4) - 59 minutes

A collection of 4 Kendra James movies.

1. The Lousy Lawyer
Dave has spent two years in prison for fraud, even though he was innocent of the crime. He was put away because his defense lawyer, Kendra James, did almost nothing to help him, and he suspects that she was on the take. He has had a long time to plot his revenge. When she arrives at his house at his request, ostensibly to discuss some new case, Dave holds her up and forces her to remove her clothes. Kendra explains that she has been busy all day and needs to use the bathroom, but Dave is unwilling to let her go. Instead, when she is naked, he makes her shackle and cuff herself to a bed. Completely helpless and urgently in need of the toilet, Kendra tries to talk him round, but he really is not in any mood to listen. He leaves her there to struggle with her full bladder, and she is seriously bursting. It is not long before Kendra can no longer maintain control and pissing on the bed. Her pee pools around her butt and travels up her back, but given that she can't get up, there is nothing she can do about that. (Filmed with two cameras with cleave shots between Kendra's parted legs).

2. A Burglar Torments Kendra

Years ago, a burglar broke into Lola Lynn's house, and when she arrived home unexpectedly needing to pee, he made her wait, strip off her clothes, and sit on the rim of the tub close to the toilet, making her wait to use it. (Search on The Sadistic Burglar or Lola if interested in the original). Now, the same man has broken into another home, and this time it's Kendra James who arrives home bursting for a piss, and the man refuses to let her go. She squirms in desperation as she pleads with him to let her relieve herself, but he refuses to let her go. When she starts fretting about wetting herself, he makes her strip off her clothes so that they don't get wet, then makes her stand there in the nude with a very full bladder. To increase her torture, he takes her to the bathroom and, as with Lola, makes her sit on the edge of the bath tub with the toilet within arm's reach, and still he won't let her pee. Kendra wiggles and rocks as she struggles to suppress the urge to jet pee everywhere. It is quite some time before the man allows her to sit on the toilet, but the only way she is allowed to pee is with her legs apart and hands out of the way so that he can watch her go. It's so humiliating, but then Kendra is so desperate by this time that she will do anything if it means she can empty her aching bladder.

3. Kendra's Elevator Dilemma
Another revived theme is the "girl trapped in a broken down elevator while needing to pee" situation. Kendra runs in just before the doors close, hurrying back from lunch where she recklessly had two coffees, setting her up for her ordeal. In reality, Kendra had three mugs of tea with some additional water about an hour before we filmed this, so her bladder was certainly being stimulated by plenty of caffeine. As she stands in the corner of the stalled elevator trying to chat normally and not betray her mounting anxiety, she plays the role rather realistically. As her need to pee becomes more acute, however, the leg movements and skirt hem grabbing become more pronounced. About half was through, she badly needed to pee, and from time to time one can catch the strain in her voice where she is tightening her muscles to hold back the flood. Eventually, because of her physical distress, Kendra is forced to admit that she needs the bathroom, and asks her companion to turn around and not look at her, explaining that she feels embarrassed to struggle like this with him watching. He complies for a few minutes, until he gets bored, then turns back to watch Kendra pee dances in a desperate attempt to stave off the inevitable. The end is not long in coming. (1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 959.2 MB)

4. Kendra's Long, Long Pee
The concluding minutes of the longer clip "Meet Kendra", just to round out the video. As the title suggests, Kendra pees a lot!

59 minutes 38 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 2,787.2 MB

Kendra James Desperation Situations (MP4) - 59 minutes

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