• A Taste Of Power (MP4) - Jasmine St James and Vonka Romanov

Dave is taking the day off and hands over the role of shoot director to Vonka, much to Jasmine's surprise. They have two custom videos to produce, one with Jasmine solo chained to the wood stove to prevent her being able to pee, and one where they appear together in a holding content. Things proceed fairly smoothly at first, although Vonka does take advantage of her position and torments a desperate Jasmine by pouring water into the vase that will later be used by Jasmine herself. Jasmine becomes frantic to pee while this is going on and soon starts asking for the vase to be handed to her. Naturally, Vonka refuses. The real problem arises when Vonka herself becomes desperate to pee and wants to start the holding contest as soon as possible. She realizes that if she lets Jasmine end the first video by peeing into the vase, she will no longer need to go while Vonka herself will be bursting.

Vonka hits on a solution: Rather than let Jasmine relieve herself, she joins her on camera and announces that the holding contest has officially begun. Jasmine can't believe that she has to continue holding it into the second video. What about the end of the first one? Vonka doesn't care. Unable to stand still herself, she just wants to get on with her role. After less than ten minutes, Vonka decides that she is giving in and is going to use the bathroom. Jasmine is horrified and grabs Vonka's wrist, holding tight to stop the girl from running off and using the toilet. Eventually, Vonka proposes that if Jasmine lets her go, she will hand her the vase to pee in before running to the bathroom. Jasmine doesn't really trust Vonka at this stage, but she really has no choice. After she releases Vonka, she watches her so-called director run off to pee, leaving Jasmine pee dancing and bursting and still restrained! In the bathroom, we see Vonka pee. It comes out in a fast jet, making it obvious why she was so anxious to get to the bathroom.

Meanwhile, poor Jasmine is still struggling with a full bladder and no place to pee. She is furious when Vonka returns and demands the vase immediately. Vonka stall, playing with water a little more to bring Jasmine to the absolute brink. Only when she thinks that Jasmine might actually pee on the carpet does she hand over the vase. A hot and exhausted Jasmine finally gets to pee. To add insult to injury, when she has finished, Vonka comes over and looks at her volume and remarks that she can't have needed to pee that badly.

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A Taste Of Power (MP4) - Jasmine St James and Vonka Romanov

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