• From Start To Finish (MP4) - Monica Jade

This video reveals what it is like during a shoot, from the moment a girl announces that she needs to pee until she can't hold it any longer. We were just about to start a bondage video, with Monica already dressed in the appropriate outfit, when she pointed out the bulge in her abdomen and admitted that she had been holding it since she arrived. Things were advancing faster than she expected. We decided to switch over to a desperation video because it seemed unlikely that she could wait for the entire time it would take to film the bondage video. We follow Monica as she chooses the outfit to wear, goes in search of towels to stop the puddle spreading, and also got her to drink more liquid while she waited. The jeans she selected were very tight and she was not permitted to unbutton them, so the pressure was on, in more ways than one. Monica is a girl with a fairly small bladder, so when she really soaked her jeans at the end, it was clear we had got her to a state where she was very desperate to go.

49 minutes 54 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 2,329.3 MB

From Start To Finish (MP4) - Monica Jade

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