• Sativa Waits & Pees For 5 Minutes Remastered (MP4) - Sativa Verte

Sativa talks extensively about real-life desperation situations she has been in while waiting to pee. She starts out with a full bladder and is already fidgeting; this grows steadily more noticeable as time passes. On several occasions, Sativa pulls up her dress because she is ready to pee, but the cameraman persuades her to continue waiting. Her expression at one point clearly shows how desperate to pee she is becoming. When she can't hold on any longer, Sativa pulls up her dress again, but instead of pulling down her panties, she pulls them aside to show off her vagina as she pees. She does not produce a rapid stream but instead pees intermittently for more than five minutes. She squeezes her own bladder to make her pee jet forward (aiming, as she calls it), and the sounds which emerge from her during this performance can only be described as erotic. When she final finishes peeing, Sativa pulls her dress back into place and shows off her slim figure, demonstrating how much bladder bulge she had while holding it. She finally takes off her dress and panties and spends the last few minutes of the video playfully shows off her body. Sativa's entire performance is demonstrative and she really does have fun with the whole situation.

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Sativa Waits & Pees For 5 Minutes Remastered (MP4) - Sativa Verte

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