• Flood at the Office Remastered (MP4) - Sativa Verte

Sativa Verte plays an unfortunate secretary who is robbed and left duct-taped to her chair at the office. It's Friday night, every one else has gone, and if she can't free herself she faces the prospect of being stuck there for the whole weekend. To make her situation even worse, her bladder has been filling and she now badly needs to squirt (as she puts it). Sativa was dressed in tan-colored trousers to show the damage to the greatest possible extent. This movie was filmed soon after she arrived, following a three-hour drive during which she drank several bottles of water. She had the hardest time putting on her makeup and changing her clothes in the bathroom (door open to ensure that she did not weaken), standing just a few steps away from a toilet and relief. By the time she was taped up, she was absolutely bursting. The wetting accident occurs fairly early on in the movie, and then we see Sativa working herself partially free of her bonds and trying to summon help. There's plenty of time to study her soaking wet pants as she bends and kneels and does everything she can to liberate herself.

16 minutes 26 seconds - 1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 773.9 MB

Flood at the Office Remastered (MP4) - Sativa Verte

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